The Team


Cam Johnson

Cam has trained and worked as a paramedic in both Australia and the US. He believes good quality training is achieved when instructors increase fidelity using props, quality task trainers and moulage. It is vital that trainees are prepared and can experience - in the safety of the classroom - the subtle clinical signs of a deteriorating patient. In the real world, patient outcomes depend on it.

Cam has also worked and trained with the ADF, participating in high fidelity simulation training. Simulation training is vital for operational deployment. There is no opportunity to stuff it up, debrief, and then have another try in the real world. Cam’s moulage training and experience with Defence can assist in taking your training to the next level of realism. This will increase retention of learned technical and non-technical skills.

Cam has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Clinical Practice (Paramedic), and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. He has 15 years experience as a paramedic and over 20 years with the ADF. Cam strongly believes training should not only be of the highest quality, but also incorporate an element of “fun”, so trainees can have a positive experience. Experience they can call upon in the real world.

Is your organisation providing this? Or are your trainees posting photos on social media standing around a manikin looking bored and uninspired? 


Jo Salter

 Jo wants to see medical simulation training taken to the next level. It’s no longer good enough to “pretend”, it’s time to make medical simulations realistic and enhance the learning experience so people are ready to do the job they are training for.

When Jo originally enlisted in the Army as a military medic, training consisted of placing a photo of a wound on a lifeless manikin. This was how she was supposed to learn to save lives. She’ll be the first to tell you that it is not good enough. Jo's operational experience has proven there are no second chances when it comes to front-line medicine. Training needs to be done to the same level as the real thing, to ensure the best outcomes in the field.

That’s where Clinical FX comes in. Jo is a qualified Moulage Technician with over 20 years’ experience as a military medic. She holds a Bachelor of Nursing, Diploma in Pre-Hospital Care, and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. This means Jo can turn a medical scenario into an environment real enough that you will need to debrief afterwards. As a trainer Jo is the one you always remember. You can’t hide in the background when Jo is in the room. Yes, Jo expects absolute commitment, but in return she’ll give you the best training she can.

Trust me, you’ll enjoy it!